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Abbiamo progettato un banco personalizzabile per un barista esigente che vuole ottimizzare al meglio lo spazio della sua caffetteria. Ogni modulo offre funzionalità, robustezza, eleganza e un’intera palette di finiture a scelta. Ogni modulo può essere personalizzato per consentire la creazione di soluzioni progettuali uniche per il tuo banco. Completezza dell’allestimento, grande praticità dei moduli: una soluzione su misura per il tuo business.

Modular and customizable furnishings for coffee and pastry shops

Italian craftmanship

These modules follow highest quality standards with fine finishes.

The customisable modules come from Italian craftsmanship and their finishes from local realities.
Two working stations divided in six modules to help you organize your coffee shop's operation space: front and back counter.


Showcase module

Refrigerated display case for food.

Neutral module

A double - leaf module to be used as you please. 

Coffee module

Providing every useful tool for a modern cafè.


Neutral module

This module is useful for your cafe's organization.

Washing module

Basket, sink, cup washer.

Fridge module

This module allows the installation of free standing fridge. 

Essential lines, noble finishes, great visibility for the coffee.

Do you prefer bright marble veins or the majesty and the abstraction of the cement?

Rock, Carrara marble, Travertino, Wood, Basalt, Obsidian and Steel.

An example is better than many words.

1. Counter and backcounter

Thought to optimize every coffee shops’ organization. This modules’ collection enchants at first sight, surprises while using it and makes every barista’s job easier.

2. Shelves

They can become essential for your counter’s internal organization. Long - lasting, safe and high - grade, their finishes express elegance and modernity. 

3. Refrigerated window

To display food products such pastries, croissants, cakes and more.

4. Brewing station

Offer your customers pour over methods: Chemex or V60.

5. Espresso machine and grinders

The counter area where the Italian tradition of espresso coffee triumphs.

6. Serving area

The raised serving surface (accessory) allows the coffee to be consumed at the counter as the Italian tradition dictates.


Are you involved in the world of foodservice? Do you want to offer the best to your customers for the success of your business?

We have thought of a series of specific proposals to meet your needs: from the selection of products to the best solutions for equipment, in addition to training for you or your staff. Fill out the form with your business data and you will be contacted within a very short time by our sales consultants (obviously without any commitment for you).