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Immerse yourself in the authentic taste of Italy with Filicori Zecchini's Coffee Brewing Guide using the traditional Italian Moka. Discover the art of brewing rich and aromatic coffee, elevating your coffee experience to new heights.
Filicori Zecchini - Macinatura


Filicori Zecchini - Quantità di caffè

Coffee amount

25 g for 3-4 cups
Filicori Zecchini - Temperatura dell'acqua

Water temperature

90 °C
Filicori Zecchini - Tempo di estrazione

Extraction time

3 - 6 min
Filicori Zecchini - Quantità in tazza

Suggested cup

Cup 30 ml

Little tips for a perfect coffee made with the Italian Moka Pot

Filicori Zecchini - Brew Guide - Le tre parti della Moka: caldaia, filtro dosatore e bricco all'interno


The Italian Moka Pot is composed of three parts: a cylinder (bottom chamber), a filter funnel and a coffee collector (top chamber).

Filicori Zecchini - Brew Guide - Scaldare l'acqua


Heat water around 70°C degrees.
Filicori Zecchini - Brew Guide - Riempire la caldaia con acqua calda


Fill the boiler with hot water. This expedient reduces the time the coffee remains exposed to the heat of the cooking fire.

Filicori Zecchini - Brew Guide - Riempire la caldaia fino al livello della valvola


Fill the boiler only up to the level of the valve.

Filicori Zecchini - Brew Guide - Macinare il caffè


Finely grind the coffee to about 400 microns.

Filicori Zecchini - Brew Guide - Riempire il filtro con caffè macinato e livellare


Fill the filter with ground coffee and level it to make it even.


Insert the filter in the cylinder and tighten the head of the Italian Moka Pot around.

Filicori Zecchini - Brew Guide - Posizionare la Moka sul fuoco, fiamma bassa e parte superiore aperta


Place your Italian Moka Pot on the stove, low heat, with the lid open.

Filicori Zecchini - Brew Guide - Spegnere il fuoco quando il caffè sale in superficie e la caffettiera inizia a borbottare


Turn off the heat right after the stream of coffee comes out, turns in lighter shades of color and the classical muttering sound starts.
Filicori Zecchini - Brew Guide - Mescolare il caffè


Don't forget to stir the coffee.

Filicori Zecchini - Brew Guide - Servire il caffè


The coffee is ready to be served.
Filicori Zecchini - Brew Guide - Un caffè con la caffettiera Moka

Italians' favorite home preparation method

This little domestic purpose use tool is a Made in Italy icon - it shows an aluminium octagonal shape and it's part of a permanent exhibition inside New York's Mo.Ma!
Filicori Zecchini - La Caffettiera Moka e caffè macinato miscela Forte
Classico | Fresh Ground Coffee

Classico | Fresh Ground Coffee

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Adagio | Italian Moka Pot

Adagio | Italian Moka Pot

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Filicori Zecchini Black | Italian Moka Pot

Filicori Zecchini Black | Italian Moka Pot

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Selecting the Right Coffee Blend

Explore the importance of choosing the perfect coffee blend for your Moka pot. Delight in Filicori Zecchini's specially crafted blends, ensuring a flavorful and satisfying cup of coffee.

Grinding the Coffee Beans

Master the art of coffee grinding for the Moka pot. Discover the ideal grind size to achieve a balanced extraction and an exquisite aroma.

Assembling the Moka Pot

Learn how to assemble the traditional Italian Moka pot for brewing. Understand the importance of proper assembly for a successful coffee extraction.

Water and Coffee Ratio

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Enjoying Your Coffee

Savor the fruits of your brewing journey as you indulge in the rich and flavorful coffee created with the traditional Italian Moka. Share this delightful experience with your loved ones.

Experience the true essence of Italian coffee culture with Filicori Zecchini's Coffee Brewing Guide using the traditional Italian Moka. Delight in the art of crafting rich and aromatic coffee, as you embark on a flavorful journey right from your home.