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Since 1919, we're daily committed on doing business in the best possible way. We've relied on third parties to obtain certifications for our production method, our products' quality and the professionalism of our systems.

Certified Italian Espresso

Our most important blends strictly adhere to the technical requirements of the Italian Espresso Institute, which is why they can display the "Certified Italian Espresso" trademark.

This acknowledgment is granted only to those blends characterized by precise features, making them easily distinguishable from imitations.

IFS Food Standard

With this certification, we've increased the safety level for customers, suppliers, and consumers.

Produce safe, drink safe. This IFS certification means a lot to our coffee manufacturing system. Applying to IFS food standard demonstrates our commitment to food safety, quality and legality.

Organic Certified

Organic farming and sustainability means greater and safer coffee. We believe that our organic blends can keep GMOS out of your coffee cup and maintain a virtuous healthy planet ahead of us. 

Fairtrade Certified

By doing the simplest things correctly, like choosing FAIRTRADE solutions, we gain more awareness of our products’ effect on the environment and how the coffee farmers, who we partner with, thrive.


Are you involved in the world of foodservice? Do you want to offer the best to your customers for the success of your business?

We have thought of a series of specific proposals to meet your needs: from the selection of products to the best solutions for equipment, in addition to training for you or your staff. Fill out the form with your business data and you will be contacted within a very short time by our sales consultants (obviously without any commitment for you).