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Filicori Zecchini's training school
The "Laboratorio dell'Espresso" offers training solutions, which combine passion and competence, and help your reality to grow. It was founded in 2001 to promote the culture of excellent coffee around the world and to share the expertise and knowledge acquired over a hundred years with coffee owners and their staff. Filicori Zecchini is one of the first Italian coffee roasting company to have invested in the training of its customers.

Professional training for baristas


Since 2001 we have been doing training and research, thanks to our team of professional trainers.


We transform our customers' passion into successful business. We create long-lasting partnerships and mutual growth.


1250 students, 2500 hours of training every year. We promote the culture of excellent coffee.


Our training school offers tailor-made coffee courses for each professional that you are.

We start with a basic course, but we also offer much more technical workshop such as latte art, caffetteria creativa, brewing plus our newest IEI courses (Italian Espresso Tasting and Italian Espresso Specialist) for professionals and courses for the SCA certification. We also propose courses for coffee lovers.


The heart of our quality project is our team of barista trainers. They carry out activities and qualified training courses for baristas and individuals.

Training for baristas

Basic course

Together with our barista trainers, you will discover the Caffetteria Essentials that you need if you want to works as a barista. You'll learn many coffee secrets while developing professional skills.

Creative course

This course covers all the information and techniques required to create delicious hot and cold coffee-based recipes both traditional and more contemporary.

Latte Art

You will learn the techniques of preparing great cappuccinos, and how to handle the Latte Art techniques. 

Latte Art +

We'll guide you through the most advanced latte art skills. Learn how to produce fancy coffees and cappucinos with complex figures such as the swan, the vortex and many more.

SCA courses

Start or continue your coffee training with us
SCA stands for Specialty Coffee Association and is the most authoritative world association promoting the coffee excellency. Each Specialization Module is available in three different levels, with different scoring in each level. Once reached 100 points you will be awarded the SCA diploma based on coffee skills.


Foundation Level

This level offers a first taste of each industry discipline, and is the best way to gain insight into a module to help you decide which path to pursue.


Intermediate Level

The Intermediate level is useful if you are already part of the industry, work within the industry in line with the module, and have a firm grasp of core competencies and skills.


Intermediate Level

Professional level is for those who want to gain high level knowledge about the world of coffee. Passing this level means full competence and the possibility to work in the chosen field.

IEI Courses

Become Italian Espresso Tasting or Italian Espresso Specialist!

Italian Espresso Tasting

The Italian Espresso Tasting course, hosted by Filicori Zecchini's Laboratorio dell'Espresso, allows you to learn how to evaluate the cup of espresso.

If you pass the final exam, you will be able to obtain the Coffee Taster license. During the day of the course, in our classrooms, the participants are asked to face a first theoretical part and then a practical test and then a tasting session.

Italian Espresso Specialist

The Italian Espresso Specialist course, hosted by Filicori Zecchini's Laboratorio dell'Espresso, allows you to learn how make the "perfect espresso" by following the rules by the IEI.

If you pass the final exam you'll get the qualification of Qualified Operator to serve the Italian Certified Espresso. This 8-hour long course, has both a theoretical and a practical part.


Are you involved in the world of foodservice? Do you want to offer the best to your customers for the success of your business?

We have thought of a series of specific proposals to meet your needs: from the selection of products to the best solutions for equipment, in addition to training for you or your staff. Fill out the form with your business data and you will be contacted within a very short time by our sales consultants (obviously without any commitment for you).