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Decorare casa per Natale: 5 idee fai da te con il caffè

Decorating your house for Christmas: 5 D.I.Y. ideas using coffee

The Christmas atmosphere is magic, and not only for children.

Generally, in this period, we want to take a little more time to spend with our loved ones and, why not, decorate the house for Christmas.

Besides the classic colored lights and the traditional Christmas tree, we would like to give you a few suggestions for creating the most original Christmas decorations by recycling coffee capsules, and more.

Grab a pen and paper to jot down the ideas that we have put together for you!

Hints and Tips for coffee-inspired home Christmas decorations

Despite the fact that coffee capsules are increasingly made in compostable form, coffee lovers can still find themselves with a box full of these used containers at home, just ready to be thrown away.

So, recycling them in order to decorate your house for Christmas is an excellent, and eco-friendly idea.

So what tools do we need and what kind of decorations can we create? Let’s find out together.

Capsules, scissors and what else?

Let’s start with the equipment you’ll need before indulging our imaginations.

Besides the capsules, obviously, we need to make sure we have to hand a strong pair of scissors, wire, hot or liquid glue and, various ribbons and pearls for personalizing your decorations.

To be able to use the capsules as the basis for your decorations, you need to cut out and remove the flat part of the capsule using scissors or a knife, empty any coffee grounds inside into your organic waste, and rinse the capsule.

We then recommend dividing your capsules by color so that it is then easier to choose which type of decorations to create.

Christmas baubles

The First idea is to use the capsules to make decorative baubles for your Christmas tree.

There is no lack of ideas: for example, we can take a recently finished capsule, make a small hole in the end, and thread through a piece of string or ribbon like a buttonhole.

We can then make our Christmas bauble even more attractive and festive by decorating the surface with sequins or beads.

Furthermore, you can also glue another capsule of the same color, base to base, onto the first one, to create an originally-shaped Christmas bauble, also adding extra decorations according to your own personal taste.

Christmas Wreath

When Christmas time comes around, you can’t leave your front door without its very own beautiful colored Christmas wreath.

Also in this case we can create our own D.I.Y. version, starting from a cardboard base of whatever diameter you wish, to which you can attach the capsules shaped into leaves.

We recommend using capsules in green tones and using glue to apply red beads to represent berries.

A simple, but highly effective wreath!

Mini Christmas trees

Here again is a chance to use your creativity by making Mini Christmas trees using coffee capsules.

We can create these in two different sizes, starting from a cardboard base onto which you can glue the squashed capsules, or in the three-dimensional version, leaving the capsules whole and arranging them to form a cone shape, on top of which you can place a star.

Finally, it is also possible to create mini-christmas trees made of just a dozen or so capsules.

In this case, we fold the capsules in half, so that each one looks like a small fan; the curves created in this way will simulate the fronds of the fir tree.

Christmas bells

The shape of the capsules is perfect for making lots of little colored Christmas bells.

For this, you need to buy some ringers, which can easily be found in a haberdashery store, and choose some colored ribbons which make the final result even prettier.

The experiment is quite easy: we make a hole in the upper part of the capsule, inside which you pass the two ends of the ribbon, cut short (max 8 cm), and tie the ringer inside the capsule.

The thickness of the ribbon will be larger than the hole, and voilà, the little bell is ready to be decorated as you wish and hung wherever you prefer.

Place cards for your Christmas table

Now let’s take a look at holiday season table decorations! Capsules are perfect for creating some decidedly original place cards.

For example, from the aluminum bases it is possible to create little colored flowers.

These can then be glued onto little wooden pegs which can be placed on the table together with a card with the name of the guest.

Or you can create little snowmen using polystyrene and use the capsules to give them little colored hats.

Other coffee-based ideas

These are just ideas for a few of the things that it is possible to make using items we have at home, but there are no limits to the imagination.

Indeed, there are those who are capable of using coffee capsules to make mini-models of Sant Claus, candleholders, and branches of mistletoe.

The important thing is to have fun experimenting, even better if you can include children in preparing your creations (taking care with any equipment that can cut, of course), to share the magic of the holiday season together.

Let’s not forget that we can also add that extra special touch to our table with coffee beans.

We can use them as an “ingredient” for making home-made table centre-pieces, or for making candles more original.

In this case, for example, we recommend buying some little glass candle-holders slightly larger than the candle itself and filling in the space around the candle base with a handful of coffee beans as decoration.

The last handy hint for decorating your house for Christmas concerns tin boxes. Why not use them as napkin-holders or cutlery holders?

They add an immediate vintage and shabby chic effect to your table settings, and you will be a wow with your friends and relatives !

Do you have any other ideas for decorating your home?

Share them with us in the comments!

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