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Welcome to our 100 Percent Arabica coffee selection, created with origins from Brazil, Guatemala and Mexico. Filicori Zecchini is proud to offer you a unique coffee blend that captures the essence and beauty of these three countries. Our passion for coffee and our focus on quality are reflected in every cup you taste.


Flowers, Toasted Bread, Chocolate Cookies

Botanical Species: Arabica

Cultivar: Mundo Novo, Acaia, Catuai

Screen: 16/18

Region: Minas Gerais - Furnas Lake

Altitude: 900mt - 980mt

Processing Method: Natural


Vanilla, Almond, Caramelized Citrus

Botanical Species: Arabica

Cultivar: Bourbon, Caturra, Pache

Screen: 16/18

Region: Fraijanes - Santa Rosa

Altitude: 1200mt - 1600mt

Processing Method: Processed


Orange, Dried Cherry, Citrus

Botanical Species: Arabica

Cultivar: Bourbon, Caturra, Tipica, Catuaì

Screen: 15 up

Region: Yajalon, Chiapas

Altitude: 900mt - 1100mt

Processing Method: Processed

Coffee, a pleasant ritual

Discover the wide range of our coffees

Filicori Zecchini - Collezione 100 Percento Arabica con caffettiera Moka e macchina Faber a cialde.

Coffee, a pleasant ritual

Discover the wide range of our coffees

Harmonious Blend

Our 100% Arabica coffee blend represents the perfect harmony of Brazilian, Guatemalan, and Mexican origins. Each coffee bean tells the story of the fertile soil, climate, and traditions of these regions, giving you a coffee that stands out for its complexity and richness of flavor.

Brazilian Coffee Origin

Coffee beans from Brazil give our blend a mild, sweet taste with notes of chocolate and dried fruit. Indulge in the enveloping aroma and unique sweetness of this origin.

Guatemalan Coffee Origin

Guatemala is renowned for its high-quality coffees. The Guatemalan beans in our blend impart an intense and complex flavor with vanilla, fruity, and slightly spicy notes. Enjoy the elegance and balance of this unique origin.

Mexican Coffee Origin

Mexican coffees add distinctive character to our blend, with notes of caramel, fruit and a slight citrus aftertaste. Their presence in the blend gives depth and liveliness to the overall flavor of the coffee.

Choose our 100% Arabica coffee blend, sourced from the origins of Brazil, Guatemala and Mexico, for an unforgettable taste experience. Filicori Zecchini offers you a premium coffee blend with complex flavors, enveloping aromas and impeccable quality. Our attention to the origins and selection of coffee beans results in a blend that will give you moments of authentic pleasure.