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Our two blends for filter coffee are a tribute to Bologna, the city where Filicori Zecchini was born in 1919. Felsina was the name the Etruscans gave it when they founded it. It meant "fertile land" or more probably "fortified place". Bononia, on the other hand, is the second name, the Latin one, that the city assumed after the expulsion of the Gauls by the Romans in 189 BC.


Flowers, Toasted Bread, Chocolate Cookies

Botanical Species: Arabica

Cultivar: Mundo Novo, Acaia, Catuai

Screen: 16/18

Region: Minas Gerais - Furnas Lake

Altitude: 900mt - 980mt

Processing Method: Natural


Vanilla, Almond, Caramelized Citrus

Botanical Species: Arabica

Cultivar: Bourbon, Caturra, Pache

Screen: 16/18

Region: Fraijanes - Santa Rosa

Altitude: 1200mt - 1600mt

Processing Method: Washed Coffee


Orange, Candied Citrus, Nutmeg, Honey

Species: Arabica

Cultivar: Typica

Screen: Grade 2

Region: Hawassa

Altitude: 1500mt - 1800mt

Processing Method: Washed

Coffee, a pleasant ritual

Discover the wide range of our coffees

Filicori Zecchini - Collezione Caffè Filtro. Macchina filtro da casa. Caffettiera French Press. Pour Over Chemex.

Coffee, a pleasant ritual

Discover the wide range of our coffees

Bononia Filter Coffee - Embrace the Medium Roast

Filicori Zecchini's Bononia and Felsina coffees are a tribute to the ancient names of the city of Bologna. Each sip of the blend will envelop you with its authentic flavors and hints of Bolognese tradition. Feel the energy of Brazil, the vibrancy of Guatemala, and the sophistication of Ethiopia in every cup of Bononia and Felsina coffees.

Felsina Filter Coffee - Discover the Dark Roast

The roast of Bononia and Felsina coffees is a choice of medium or dark roast, both designed to enhance the distinctive flavors and aromas of the blend. The medium roast preserves a proper balance between sweetness and intensity, while the dark roast gives a depth and bold body. Choose the roast that best suits your taste and enjoy a unique coffee.

Convenience in Every Cup

To fully appreciate the complexity of the flavors of Bononia and Felsina coffees, we recommend using the filter machine, Pour Over Chemex, V60, or French Press. These preparation methods allow for proper extraction of flavors and a balanced drink. Experiment with the different preparation methods and discover the one that best suits your taste. With the filter machine, you will get a well-balanced and aromatic cup of coffee. With the Pour Over Chemex, you'll appreciate the clean, clear flavors of Bononia and Felsina coffees. The V60 will give you a coffee with a light body and a floral note, while the French Press will offer a rich, full-bodied coffee, perfect for lovers of Italian espresso.

Filicori Zecchini's Bononia and Felsina coffees are a tribute to the city of Bologna through its ancient names and authentic flavors. With a blend composed of beans from Brazil, Guatemala, and Ethiopia and a medium or dark roast, these coffees lend themselves to different brewing methods, such as the filter machine, Pour Over Chemex, V60, and French Press. Experiment with the different options and be surprised by the nuances of taste and aroma that characterize Bononia and Felsina coffees. Explore the collection and take home a piece of Bologna in your cup of coffee.