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Matcha latte: come si prepara la bevanda più in voga del momento

Matcha latte: how to prepare the most fashionable drink of the moment

In the most en vogue tea rooms and bars – but also in the galleries of some Instagrammers – for some time now a new drink with a  bright green color reminiscent of a cappuccino has been becoming more and more popular. Actually, coffee has nothing to do with the Matcha latte, which – as you may guess from the name – is made of green tea and milk and can be considered one of the new trends of 2019 in the world of the coffee shop.

Simple but intriguing, this novelty has literally conquered the United States and has also now arrived in Italy.

In this article, we will find out about the Matcha latte and its recipe, so you can prepare it in its most well-known variety, but also in the variations cold Matcha and Matcha cappuccino.

Matcha latte: what is it?

The Matcha latte is a simple but very flamboyant, milk flavored with Matcha tea, a variety of green tea.

We have already talked about this variety of highest quality Japanese tea and its properties in an article dedicated to three dessert recipes with Matcha tea: in fact there are now many chefs who use it as an ingredient in their dishes. 

Matcha latte: the recipe and its variations 

To prepare the Matcha latte you will need:

● 0.07 oz of Matcha tea, equivalent of one level teaspoon
● 2.71 fl oz hot water, at around 167°F
● 8.45 fl oz of milk (cow’s milk or non-dairy)
● sugar (to taste)


  1. Matcha tea generally comes in powder form: you just have to pour it into a cup, add three spoons of water and whip it up energetically until you get a thick foam.This operation should be done using a chasen, the typical Japanese whisk made of bamboo; if you don’t have one you can use a milk whisk or a teaspoon. 
  2. Add the remaining water.
  3. Foam the milk using the milk whisk or an immersion blender. When you have obtained a dense foam, delicately add it to your tea with a light dusting of Matcha tea and some sugar.

You can also create your Matcha latte using vegan versions of milk, which require a little more  shrewdness in the whipping phase, compared to cow’s milk, as we have seen in this article.

Cinnamon Matcha latte

Indulging your imagination, you can flavor this drink in many different ways, for example with cinnamon:

● 0.07 oz of Matcha tea, the equivalent of one level teaspoon
● 2.71 fl oz of hot water, at around 167°F
● 8.45 fl oz of cows milk or vegan milk
● sugar (to taste)
● cinnamon powder 


  1. Prepare the Matcha tea according to the instructions of the previous recipe.
  2. Add the cinnamon powder to the milk and whip it up with a whisk or foamer. When you have obtained a dense foam, add it delicately to your tea. 
  3. You can add a dusting of Matcha tea, cinnamon and sugar to taste. 

Cold Matcha latte

The Matcha latte can also be prepared in a cold version, for the summer season. Here are the few ingredients you will need:

● 0.07 oz of Matcha tea
● 3.38 fl oz cold water
● 3 ice cubes
● 8.45 fl oz cold cow’s milk or vegan milk
● sugar  (to taste)


  1. Prepare the Matcha tea following the instructions of the previous recipe.
  2. Pour the tea into the blender jug, add the cold milk, ice and sugar. blend until you obtain a smooth mix, then pour into the glasses and serve with straws. 

Also for the cold Matcha latte recipe you can use vegan milks such as: almond, soya, oat milk, coconut milk, …

Matcha cappuccino

After preparing the Matcha latte, why not make a perfect Matcha cappuccino, to serve in a big cup, with a colorful sprinkling of green tea?

● 20.07 oz of Matcha tea
● 5.07 fl oz of milk
● water
● sugar (to taste)


  1. Warm the milk over a low heat.
  2. Prepare the tea following the method shown for the Matcha latte.
  3. Foam the hot milk. When the foam is thick, pour it delicately onto the tea. Add sugar to taste.

You can also prepare a non-dairy version using almond milk, adding a teaspoon of natural vanilla extract for extra flavor. 

The Matcha latte will make anyone who loves tea with milk happy, but it will also be able to conquer the “skeptics”. Have you tried this drink yet?

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