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Il giro del mondo in 14 colazioni

Around the world in 14 breakfasts

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

We’ve heard this a thousand times, like a mantra, and it’s true, not just for health reasons, but also in terms of habits and tastes.

You don’t believe us ?

Today we’re going to take you on a journey across five continents in search of breakfasts around the world from interesting facts, traditions and, of course, a passion for coffee.

Did you know, for example, that the word “breakfast” in China can be translated as “rice of the morning”?

Indeed, not every where is breakfast as sweet as it is in Italy. Let’s go!

Breakfasts around the world: habits and ideas

Let’s start with the breakfast we know best, the Italian one.

Common to most of the countries overlooking the Mediterranean sea, here breakfast is strictly sweet and based on brioche, biscuits or other sweets accompanied by a good coffee: in Italy there are those who prefer the classic espresso, others the macchiato or cappuccino, but the day starts in the right way only with a dose of caffeine.

So let’s set sail from the shores we know well to discover 14 of the most interesting breakfasts from around the world!

Breakfast in Iceland

For the first stop on our tour, we fly to the island of Iceland.

Here breakfast is savory and based on fish: in the morning, on tables all over Iceland, there are always smoked herrings, but you can also find rye bread with salted butter and, to warm you up, an excellent cereal soup.

Breakfast in Cuba

In Cuba, as in Mexico, the food culture is a melting pot of traditions and influences which make even Europeans feel at home.

A typical breakfast includes toasted bread with butter to be dipped into the coffee, served with milk, sugar and a pinch of salt.

The coffee is, of course, the classic cuban coffee.

Breakfast in Iran

Moving now to a totally different latitude pushing us into Asia and landing in Iran.

Here, the traditional dish for starting the day right is halim, in other words a mix of wheat, cinnamon, butter, sugar and chopped meat cooked in large traditional saucepans and served both hot and cold.

Breakfast in India

Breakfast in India varies from region to region, but in almost every area it is savory rather than sweet.

Often you will find roast potatoes with rosemary, tofu, lentils and spices of every imaginable type.

Here you should try the vada, a kind of pretzel with coriander and ginger. And the day can only start with the boost of chili pepper!

Breakfast in Spain

The desayuno is the typical Spanish breakfast made up of various typical preparations such as the very sweet churros and porras, fried pastries dusted with cinnamon or powdered sugar and often accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate.

Of course there has to be Spanish coffee too, which we have already dedicated an article to.

Breakfast in Portugal

Also in nearby Portugal pastry is the star of breakfast, together with its long-term partner, coffee.

The tradition also requires that it should be served with galão, which is one quarter espresso coffee and three quarters milk.

Breakfast in Morocco

In Morocco, on the other hand, breakfast can be either savory or sweet, but the staple ingredient which has to be present is bread in many shapes and varieties.

For example, Baghir is prepared using semolina flour, it is similar to crepes and can be eaten with jams or other conserves of various types but also with cheeses.

Breakfast in Senegal

Remaining in Africa, but moving towards Senegal, we find a breakfast based on peanuts accompanied by bread, buns and various types of legumes.

A typical dish is based on millet, tomatoes and vegetables and served in the morning.

Breakfast in France

The sweet breakfast is the definition of that eaten in France: coffee with milk and croissant are the two main elements that make up the most important meal of the day here.

The caffe latte is usually served in a large cup so you can dip your croissant into it and thus enjoy the combination which is considered today almost a national heritage

Breakfast in Australia

Breakfast in Australia has an undeniably strong Anglo-Saxon influence.

In fact, in the morning you will typically find a plate of eggs and bacon, but also beans, sausage and toasted bread accompanied by American style coffee.

A particularly original feature of the Australian breakfast though is Vegemite, a vegetable based spread which contains a savory-flavored brewer’s yeast, used on bread and other baked products.

Breakfast in Hawaii

We move now to the middle of the Pacific Ocean to discover that in Hawaii the breakfast is decidedly crazy.

In fact, it is even called “Loco Moco”, it was probably invented in the 1940s and consists of a rich plate of hamburgers, eggs, rice, sauces and fresh fruit of every possible type.

Mango, papaya, passionfruit and other local delights, together with the great culinary classics of American cuisine for maximum energy; perfect for those who have spent the morning riding the waves on their surfboard.

Breakfast in Canada

The typical Canadian breakfast is both delicious and sweet, based on one of the most well-known Canadian specialities: maple syrup.

At breakfast it is served on classic pancakes, but not only that: it is also used for preparing toast and sweetening fritters.

Breakfast in Greece

AHeading towards the close of our tour to discover breakfasts from around the world, we stop off in Greece, where we can taste fantastic Greek yoghurt with honey and walnuts, but also Greek coffee.

Its main feature is the typical coffee powder which is left in the bottom of the cup: the recipe is strongly influenced by nearby Turkey and sugar is added already during the preparation, so it is better not to add too much later.

Breakfast in Japan

We finish off our journey around the world in Japan, where breakfast is based on fish.

Tradition dictates that there should also be algae, eggs, vegetables, rice, miso soup and natto, a food based on fermented soya beans.

This takes a very long time to prepare though, so very often, the Japanese prefer a mixed breakfast, of savory and more European-style sweet elements.

Which is your favorite type of these breakfasts from around the world ?

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