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Il caffè verde funziona davvero? Verità e leggende

Does green coffee really work? Truths and myths

The latest news from the world of coffee concerns the benefits of green coffee.

According to its supporters, green coffee helps you lose weight, in fact it would help you lose weight naturally. But does green coffee really work?

Green coffee, unlike traditional coffee, is not roasted, it is raw coffee.

The green coffee beans are dried but not roasted, this in addition to maintaining their green color allows the preservation of some nutritional principles such as B vitamins and polyphenols, which normally evaporate with heat during the processing.

Green coffee is less acidic than traditional coffee, it still contains caffeine but in a different form which is absorbed by the body over a longer period of time.

Green coffee also contains a considerable dose of chlorogenic acid which according to some nutritionists could help lose weight quickly and burn fat by counteracting the so-called "metabolic syndrome".

Green coffee can be drunk by infusion like black coffee, by grinding the dried but not roasted berries, boiling them and filtering the drink.

Or it can be taken as pills as a dietary supplement. Today there are several green coffee-based supplements on the market and not all of them are properly natural.

Does green coffee really work? We leave the answer to nutritionists.

For us, coffee remains a daily pleasure, a taste experience that shouldn't replace a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

We are sure of one thing, we prefer the taste of a good quality Italian espresso to a pill of green coffee.

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