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Come utilizzare il caffè avanzato: idee anti-spreco

How to use leftover coffee: anti-waste ideas

We have already talked about how to reuse coffee grounds: leftover mocha coffee is useful for cleaning pots and pans, but also for body care.

Often, however, it may happen that the drink itself is not consumed completely, in which case, how can we use leftover coffee?

Today we want to give you some tips for storing it properly and not wasting it, using it in preparations such as desserts and liqueurs, or for cleaning the kitchen stove.

How to store leftover coffee

Have you brewed coffee with the mocha and have some left over?

If you want to reuse it, you should remove it from the coffee pot when it is no longer boiling and store it in a glass container; metal and plastic, on the other hand, could impair the taste.

Of course, the best way to enjoy the full aroma of this beverage is to consume it when it has just been brewed, as the organoleptic properties are lost over time due to oxidation.

However, coffee can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days maximum, tightly sealed in a glass bottle.

You can also freeze it, as we will see in the next suggestions.

Using leftover coffee: ideas for yummy desserts

We could name at least a hundred recipes that include coffee among the ingredients, from tiramisu to panna cotta, from tart to ice cream.

There is something for every sweet tooth!

The good, nay, great news is that when you find that there is leftover coffee you don't have to throw it away, but you can take the opportunity to make a dessert and pamper yourself with a sweet break or an original end of the meal.

Another idea?

If you have a couple of cups of leftover coffee on hand, cookies are an ideal choice: shortbread, chocolate cantucci, butterless or eggless, these 4 recipes are all worth trying.

With a larger amount of coffee (3-4 cups) you can, on the other hand, make a cheesecake, a great classic that never gets tired to the last crumb. Finally, here are four variations of coffee cake, including a no-bake version.

Ice cubes with leftover coffee

As mentioned earlier, you can store coffee that has not been consumed in the freezer.

A useful idea can be to prepare ice cubes, using the appropriate containers, which can serve to refresh and flavor vegetable drinks such as oat or almond milk, but also cow's milk itself, or coffee liqueur, which we will discuss in a moment.

Have you ever tried it?

Using leftover coffee to make liqueurs

and you also love making liqueurs at home, to enjoy with company or to give as gifts to close friends, you can do so by taking advantage of leftover coffee.

You need more of it than you need for desserts, but you can always make more to add: here are 3recipes that you will be delighted with, for a classic liqueur, one with coffee and chocolate, and a cream.

Which one is your favorite?

Fresh Coffee Pasta

Have you ever tried fresh coffee pasta?

There are several recipes, some involve the use of coffee powder, others use coffee that has already been extracted.

In our article you can find both: if instead of the mocha you use an espresso machine and you have leftover coffee, you can, for example, try your hand at preparing fettuccine to be seasoned with zucchini and shrimp (or with other ingredients that go well with coffee).

An idea to experiment with, don't you think?

Use leftover coffee for cleaning

The grounds are perfect as a compost and to ward off some insects, but leftover coffee also allows for practical uses.

In fact, the drink has a strong abrasive and degreasing capacity, and is not as aggressive as some chemical cleaners, which with prolonged use could damage very delicate surfaces.

Use leftover coffee to remove scale on stoves, for example: after a few minutes, with the help of a clean cloth, you can remove the dirt with ease.

Do you have other suggestions for reusing leftover coffee?

Tell us about it in the comments.

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