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Alla scoperta del caffè thailandese: il Thai Eiskaffee

Discovering Thai coffee: the Thai Eiskaffee

It is well-known that the Italians are particularly fond of their classic espresso; and yet there are many ways of interpreting this drink, as demonstrated in habits and customs from around the rest of the world, where it is possible to enjoy coffee made according to exotic and diverse recipes.

If the vietnamese coffee grabbed your attention and the Cuban coffee whet your appetite, today we would like to introduce you to Thai Eiskaffee, a typical Thai preparation which is really easy to make: let’s take a look at how to prepare it and discover some curious facts about coffee-growing in this country!

What is Thai Eiskaffee?

The Thai Eiskaffee is a delicious refreshing coffee-based drink from Thailand.

You can easily find it whilst wandering around the country, on stalls on the street corners, and it’s an excellent way to combat the hot, humid climate that they have there.

In Thailand, according to the tradition, the coffee is prepared using a cotton filter which is shaped like a sock: the coffee is placed inside the filter, which is placed over the mouth of a cup or a small saucepan; then, boiling water is poured over the coffee and left to infuse for a few minutes.

When the coffee is ready, condensed milk, or evaporated milk – which can be distinguished from condensed milk by the absence of added sugars – is generally added, plus ice, creating a sugary and highly delicious drink.

The Thai Eiskaffee is served in a very peculiar way: as is the case for many other drinks sold at street stalls, it is not unusual for this coffee to be served in a plastic bag with a straw, instead of the traditional cup.

If we have sparked your curiosity and whet your appetite with this mix of sweet and refreshing, below you can find a recipe for making it at home

Thai Eiskaffee: the recipe

The cold Thai coffee is a delicious drink, the ideal refreshment for those long hot summer days.

This recipe, which brings together the energy of coffee and the delicacy of milk, requires few ingredients and is easy to make in your very own home.

You only need a few minutes to prepare Thai Eiskaffee: you need to add some condensed milk, fresh milk and lots of ice to a standard espresso; then, just mix vigorously to give your drink that perfect consistency and flavor: your Thai Eiskaffee is ready to be enjoyed!

The production of coffee in Thailand

It is only recently that the coffee culture has become more important for the economy of the country, and the circumstances which sparked this development are very interesting.

In fact, coffee-growing in Thailand, was particularly motivated starting from the 1970s, following the project backed by King Bhumibol Adulyadej and aimed mainly at diverting the farmers in the north away from growing opium and towards different agricultural activities.

Currently, 99% of production is dedicated to cultivation of the Robusta variety, grown in the South of the country and destined partly for exportation abroad, partly for domestic consumption and partly for making instant coffee granules.

In the hills to the North, though, they grow the Arabica variety; this counts for 1% of total production and is mostly reserved for the domestic market.
Were you already familiar with the Thai Eiskaffee?

Have you had the opportunity to taste it during a visit to Thailand?

Tell us about it in the comments!

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