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7 decori per il cappuccino che fanno tendenza

7 trend-setting cappuccino decorations

Artistic designs, unusual colors and, in some cases, even glitter. We all know that latte art is trendy and that, to help your customers remember you, you should try to offer them the best quality products served in ever more creative and original ways.

So, let’s see what the best and most-loved ideas are, so you can study them and reproduce them in your coffee shop! 

Seven cappuccino decorations for you to discover

We have already discussed this topic in detail in the article how to do Latte art and talked about the rise of what can be defined as a real art in the coffee shop: in fact, Latte art transforms the milk foam of the cappuccino and the macchiato into a real blank canvas, ready to be enriched with images, suggestions and everything that can produce a memorable “wow effect” in your client.

Rainbow Cappuccinos

This trend for Rainbow Cappuccinos comes from the United States and, more specifically, from Las Vegas.

Here, the bartender Mason Salisbury of the Sambalatte Caffè had the idea of serving milk foam, of every possible type, but always multi-colored thanks to the use of food colorings.

The effect is surprising, so much so that the videos of these creations soon went viral on the social networks. 

Pink Latte, trends on Instagram

It’s always the Internet, and Instagram in particular, which gives us plenty of ideas of how to decorate and serve our cappuccinos in line with the latest trends.

In fact, we’re talking about Pink Latte, an evolution of the Matcha Latte, in other words a pink cappuccino.

The fashion started, in this case, in a Welsh coffee shop which offers seasonal coffees and, in autumn 2017, chose to use red beetroot  for its drinks.

And yes, this is the secret ingredient of Pink Latte which makes a cappuccino not only perfectly Instagrammable, but also healthy.

A swan in your cup

Even the most “traditional” Latte art can be surprising.

For example, have you ever imagined being able to paint a snowy white swan on the surface of your latte?

Today, this is possible, thanks to suggestions by our Latte Art teachers. 

In the meantime you can discover the basic steps thanks to our video.

White roses for you 

Here is another novelty, yet again from the world of Filicori Zecchini: even romanticism has its place in the coffee shop, and for those who want to offer something a little more surprising than a simple heart  shape, you can create a real white rose, using the foam of the cappuccino, naturally. …. As for the swan, it is our coffee trainers who can give you some valuable advice directly from the video, to help you learn how to create flowers even in a cup of cappuccino.

Three-dimensional decorations for cappuccinos

Another, highly intriguing evolution of Latte art is that which has led to the creation of real artworks which emerge from the cup.

This is the case of Latte Art 3D which first started in Japan and has become widespread all over the world, even leading to the organization of an International championship.

The principal is, on first appearance, quite simple: besides using the cappuccino as a canvas, why not use it also as the base for creating a sculpture?

Thus bears, cats and all types of figures “emerging” from the coffee can be created. 

Matcha, turmeric and the other brightly-colored cappuccinos

If Pink Latte is the new trend of 2019, it’s true that it is not the only brightly colored cappuccino to be found on bar menus around the world.

Starting this trend was the Matcha Latte, but soon other varieties were added which combine creativity and color.

In fact there is also Golden Milk which uses turmeric, a yellow-colored spice, and the Goth Latte which looks grey, or even black.

In this case, what is the ingredient that makes the difference? 

Edible carbon, which is mixed with oat milk and served cold. 

The future is bright with glitter coffee

Brightly-colored cappuccinos have a real appeal at the moment.

From India, a new trend has arrived in Europe for us to keep an eye on: Glitter Coffee.

From a coffee shop in Mumbai comes the idea of adding food glitter to the classic coffee and milk ingredients of the cappuccino, to create a glittery and colorful cup.

This can be that extra extravagant touch you give to any latte art experiment, but a light dusting of glitter can also give a certain fairytale touch to any normal cappuccino.

In any case, the surprise effect is guaranteed. 

And finally, for those who want to be daring, there is always Avolatte, a simple cappuccino served in an avocado.

Too risky perhaps?

Right now in Australia, they’re going crazy for this drink, let’s see if it comes to Italy too!  

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