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5 idee regalo per gli amanti del caffè e del tè

5 gift ideas for coffee and tea lovers

The rule that each of us tries to give ourselves every year as Christmas approaches is not to give gifts at the last minute.

However, this good resolution, which generally finds everyone agreeing, is disregarded year after year.

That is why we decided to help you in this mission by suggesting the most suitable gift to your friends and family, especially if coffee and tea lovers.

We will start with those who cannot live without the most functional and special equipment for coffee extraction, and then we will devote ourselves to those who would never give up a steaming cup of tea, but only if prepared in the best way.

All passing through those who, in the name of eclecticism, have been able to combine a love of coffee with a passion for gardening and decorating.

The perfect gifts for coffee lovers

Objects, blends and books about coffee are always appreciated gifts.

But in order not to fall into clichés we have selected for you two must-have Christmas gifts: with these ideas success is assured!

The perfect mocha: Adagio

In music the "adagio" is a slow movement, just as we would like time to be when we taste the perfect coffee.

For this reason, the mocha we suggest is called Adagio.

It is a coffee maker with classic and familiar style: its traditional design in mirror-polished steel is enhanced by the wood-effect finish of the handle and knob.

Adagio is suitable and compatible with all heat sources, from glass-ceramic to gas stove to electric hotplate.

The filter coffee dripper: Walter

For filter coffee lovers there is Walter, the dripper in fine ceramic artfully crafted in Japan, and designed for true connoisseurs.

The many grooves on the sides and the double hole at the base allow more water to circulate and make Walter the perfect dripper.

This gift is suitable for your barman friends, but also for all fans of this new trend in the brewing world who, thanks to Walter, will be able to brew an excellent filter coffee.

In fact, it is enough to place the dripper over the carafe or cup in which you want to serve or consume coffee, insert the specially ground coffee inside a cone-shaped paper filter and cover it with a small amount of non-boiling water at about 95°.

Then, when the crema appears (30-40 seconds on average) you can proceed with the actual brewing, gradually pouring in the water until the coffee is completely extracted.

Tea Lovers: here are the must-have gifts

Do you have a friend who, whenever she goes to the coffee shop, prefers tea to coffee and who, on autumn afternoons, chats with you while sipping a steaming cup?

Is she the same one who, from time to time, throws the phrase "but why don't we go to Japan once in a lifetime" at you?

This is the perfect person to gift one of the items we suggest.

Matcha Tea Box: the wish chest

By now we find this bright green powder everywhere: in beauty masks and cooking recipes.

But if you really want to make lovers of this type of green tea happy, give the Luxury Matcha Box: a wish chest for all matcha tea lovers and more.

Inside this very elegant wooden box you will find all the tools for making matcha tea: a ceramic bowl, a bamboo whisk, and of course a matcha box that will make the taste of tea unforgettable.

The matcha tea, traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies, is characterized by its intense aroma, bright green color, and sweet, smooth taste.

This is because it is made by harvesting the first fruits of the tea leaves, carefully grown in shade for 20 to 30 days before being picked and then steamed and dried.

Remember also that you are not only giving something beautiful, but also something good for your health.

Matcha tea releases an abundant dose of antioxidants with every sip, in fact, according to recent research we could consider it a veritable arsenal of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, more than any other variety of green tea.

Finally, you should know that matcha is also perfect for weight control because it has practically 0 calories and is a great way to speed up your metabolism.

Frida: the elegant and smart teapot

As a second option for your tea-loving loved ones, we have chosen Frida: not only a teapot with a minimalist design made of heat-resistant glass and stainless steel but also a functional product equipped with infuser for leaf tea and a candle stove to keep the drink at temperature.

In this way you will be able to satisfy your friends' passion for the perfect infusion, appreciated in taste and with the eyes: the glass structure of the teapot, in fact, will make it possible to appreciate all the nuances of tea, but without losing the temperature maintained stable by the candle.

In case the choice falls on the Oolong teas we will tell you a secret.

When you give Frida as a gift, we recommend using the Chinese method of multiple infusions.

This way, following very carefully the directions for the type of tea you choose, you can proceed with multiple (usually very short) infusions.

Thus the aromatic nuances will change from one another, reaching their maximum level between the second and third infusions.

The corner of curious gifts between mushrooms and smart alarm clocks

True fans of the coffee world love every nuance of it.

And that's why we decided to devote a paragraph to those slightly more peculiar gifts to give to coffee lovers.

Mushrooms are born from coffee!

Is your friend a coffee lover and loves the environment?

Great, here we have the perfect gift for him.

Funghi Espresso has in fact found a yummy way to help the planet by treasuring all those coffee grounds that are thrown away every day (about 300 thousand tons a year).

In fact, this box will easily grow mushrooms in your home in no time thanks to a very specialsoil made of coffee grounds, which are a perfect substrate for growing mushrooms because they contain minerals and nutrients.

Waking up in style

Very often the only thing that gets us up in the morning is the thought of good coffee.

But what if for once it wasn't just the thought but the actual smell that woke us up?

Thanks to Barisieur every morning can be like that.

This very elegant design element (available in black or white) equipped with a timer will start your day with a steaming cup of coffee.

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