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Filicori Zecchini - La Nostra Storia

One hundred years of good coffee

Bologna, Italy, 1919
By the end of World War I, Aldo Filicori and Luigi Zecchini decided to give birth to a new business reality in Bologna that embraced, under their alert and expert gazes, the entire coffee supply chain, from importing the beans to the making of the espresso. All around a tiny cup of coffee was soon created a real world of values which, even today, combines craftsmanship passion with technological innovation to realize unmistakable products.
Filicori Zecchini - La Nostra Storia 1919


Aldo Filicori and Luigi Zecchini started a Bottega in the historic center of Bologna selling coffee in 1919. They infused all their love for the best quality things; they searched for the best raw materials and studied the secret for the perfect roasting, starting with the raw, green bean. Like that began the production of an extraordinary and unique coffee.

Filicori Zecchini - La Nostra Storia 1933


Thanks to a historical agreement, Filicori Zecchini becomes the "official provider" of the Italian Royal House, but due to the approaching war, the production of coffee faces an abrupt halt.

Filicori Zecchini - La Nostra Storia 1959


We open a factory in Dozza street with more advanced productive systems. Here take place the roasting process and the public sale in an outlet shop and, for the first time, even a cafe. 

Filicori Zecchini - La Nostra Storia 1964


Giovanni Filicori transformed a familiar and small economical entity into a strong industry: he made crucial investments to introduce new technologies and establish valuable commercial relationships with major coffee producers.
Filicori Zecchini - La Nostra Storia 1983 - 1989

1983 - 1989

The first exports abroad highlight a further evolution of Filicori Zecchini. We inaugurate new headquarters. A new season of great success begins for the Company. The third generation, Costanza Filicori and Luigi Zecchini Jr, joins the team to show new enthusiasm for years to come.   
Filicori Zecchini - La Nostra Storia 1995


We're becoming more and more passionate about the work we do: selecting and roasting the best coffees in the world. It is also a year that marks a new record for Filicori Zecchini following the great fresh momentum that began in 1989: in fact, we roasted more than 551155 pounds of green coffee in 12 months.
Filicori Zecchini - Il Marchio

Filicori Zecchini's brand over the years

The style of graphics throughout the '900
Filicori Zecchini - La Nostra Storia 2001


Il Laboratorio dell'Espresso is born. Filicori Zecchini is one of the first Italian coffee roasting company to have invested in the training of its customers. Offers coffee training solutions, which combine passion and competence, and help coffee shop to grow.
Filicori Zecchini - La Nostra Storia 2009


We open our first coffee shop under the name of Filicori Zecchini. The concept of franchising, developed in Bologna, has expanded into 20 different locations as Bucharest, Prague, Vienna, etc. We started our global expansion as well into markets like Middle East, Canada and USA.
Filicori Zecchini - La Nostra Storia 2014


More than 1 million kilos of roasted coffee: this is the prestigious success that the Company achieves 95 years after its foundation.
Filicori Zecchini - La Nostra Storia 2019


October 2019, Filicori Zecchini decides to celebrate its 100th birthday with a special event that everyone will remember and treasure for years to come. We thought that the best way to celebrate a century of good coffee was by involving our customers in a coffee contest, which was an opportunity for everyone to put themselves to the test, but also a great moment of training and learning more about the culture of coffee. 
Filicori Zecchini - Per i professionisti del caffè.

for professionals

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