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The active and dynamic heart of your restaurant. Design efficiency, refined materials, functionality, flexibility, organization and performance will help you prepare our coffee.

Espresso Coffee Machine

This area is where the barista prepares our classic Italian espresso.

Coffee grinders

Reserved for the placement of two precision grinders.

Brewing station

This area is for brewing tools usage.

Working area

Where the barista works.

Front and side counter

This is the area on public display. It’s the beauty of the premise.

Takeout cups station

Optimizing the service for takeout cups. 

Counter base

Hygiene, easy cleaning and excellent maintenance.
LAMINAM surfaces are of superior quality. Durable and unalterable, they make your counter live longer.

Superior performance

Scratches and deep abrasions resistant. 

Unalterable over time

Even after an intensive use, its features stay untouched. 

Absolute hygiene

LAMINAM tops are fully certified for contact with foodstuffs, according to MOCA and NFS.

Natural, bacteriostatic

This counter surface doesn’t absorb and it is easy to clean. By that, mold, bacteria and fungi cannot grow.

Durability guaranteed

Heat and high temperatures resistant. Their structure remains stable without undergoing deformation and bending.

Statuarietto: a standard of simple beauty, made of essentiality and natural tones

Noir Désir: how to combine classic elegance with contemporary coffee shops' design

Piasentina: the taste of Italian traditional stones

Filicori Zecchini - Per i professionisti del caffè.


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