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Artisan Panettone Cakes

Immerse yourself into this year's Christmas magic by ordering - starting from October - one from our selection of Panettone cakes signed by Italian pastry chef masters: Denis Dianin, Salvatore Gabbiano, Paolo Griffa and Luca Montersino. You will receive it fresh out of the oven.

Christmas is already in the air, and there is no better way to celebrate this magical holiday than by enjoying artisanal Panettone cakes from the most important master pastry chefs. This year, we invite you to reserve your favorite Panettone in advance and join us on a culinary journey that will delight your senses and make your Christmas unforgettable.

From the classic recipe with raisins and candied fruit, which has its roots in the traditional "Pan del Ton" from Milan, to the endless haute patisserie versions offered by master pastry chefs: a wide selection of flavors to satisfy every palate.

These 4 selected master pastry chefs are true artists in creating extraordinary Panettone cakes. Each Panettone is the result of years of research, experience and passion for traditional Italian pastry, to guarantee an authentic and irresistible taste.

Our Panettone cakes are the ideal gift for friends, family and colleagues. Carefully packaged in elegant gift boxes, they are ready to be delivered as a gift that conveys affection and love for Italian Christmas.

Don't let this delicious opportunity pass you by. Book now and get ready to enjoy the sweetest Christmas!

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PANETTONE CAFFÈ E CIOCCOLATO | Filicori Zecchini Italia.
Al Cioccolato | Panettone di Salvatore Gabbiano
Fichi & Caramello | Panettone di Salvatore Gabbiano
Pellechiella | Panettone di Salvatore Gabbiano
Cremamarena | Panettone di Salvatore Gabbiano
Al Limone Sorrentino | Panettone di Salvatore Gabbiano
Veneziano | Panettone di Salvatore Gabbiano

Veneziano | Panettone di Salvatore Gabbiano


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Classico Milano | Panettone di Salvatore Gabbiano
Pere e Cioccolato | Panettone di Denis Dianin
Integrale con Albicocca | Panettone di Denis Dianin
Cioccolato e Albicocca | Panettone di Denis Dianin