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I caffè storici di Praga da visitare assolutamente

Historical cafes not to be missed in Prague

The “mother of cities,” “city of the hundred towers,” and “city of gold”. These are all epithets given to Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, a place full of magic and whose old city centre was included  in the UNESCO list of heritage of humanity in 1992.

If Prague is the destination for your summer holidays, this article is for you!

Here we will give you all the advice you need, the historical cafes of Prague that you absolutely must visit.

Prague cafes: history and more

Bars that could transport you back in time to the early 1920’s or places that seem perfectly normal at first sight only to discover that inside they have an unmistakable cubist style.

We will tell you all about this and many other curious facts about Prague cafes.

Cafè Louvre

The Art Nouveau Style here rules supreme.

The wide staircase leads us into a world of red interiors, antique tables and large windows which look out over the city, the favorite location of historical figures such as Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein.

The Cafè Louvre offers not only a unique location, but also unforgettable sweets and drinks.

Particularly noteworthy is the Maria Theresia, a large espresso coffee with orange liqueur and whipped cream, perhaps to be savored with one of the extremely sumptuous sweets that the Cafè offers every day.

Cafè Imperial

Decorated columns, ceilings and walls rich in ceramic inlays in an immaculate white. All enriched with dark wood furniture with gilded decorations. This is the rich, unforgettable style of the Cafè Imperial, which is just a few minutes walk from Piazza della Repubblica and is part of a hotel with a restaurant attached. Besides offering plentiful breakfasts, it serves a wide choice of teas, hot chocolates and of course, coffees. On the menu, the Flat White stands out, this is a cappuccino with a double shot of espresso.

Grand Cafè Orient

This magical place can be found on the first floor of the Casa della Madonna Nera, a name deriving from the Baroque statue which stands on the corner of the building.

The Grand Cafè Orient symbolizes the exceptional Czech contribution to the cubist movement, not only in the architecture but also in the furnishings, the ceramics and the glass.

The casa della Madonna Nera was created by the famous architect Josef Gočár when he was only 31 years old, but the café within the house stayed open for ten years.

Eighty years later, its doors have re-opened, showing all the cubist elements of the building (façade, floor plans, furnishings)  including the beautiful cubist buffet-bar and the unusual lanterns designed by Josef Gočár.

Cafè Slavia

Found in an optimum location, overlooking the river Moldava and the most beautiful wonders of Prague, such as the  National Theater (on the other side of the street), the Ponte Carlo and Prague Castle. All these places can be admired from the windows of this establishment, sitting comfortably at one of the many elegant little tables. The Cafè Slavia offers herbal infusions and teas of every type, but we would advise you to steer clear of the coffee with Tuzemák, the famous Czech “rum.”

Caffè U Labuti

This establishment is located exactly opposite the Palazzo Schwarzenberg and near the main gate of Prague Castle.

The opening of the Caffè U Labuti dates back to 1925, but the building is much older and has its origins in renaissance times as demonstrated by the old horse mangers which have been re-used as chairs and the oak tables.

In the courtyard it is possible to admire an old drinking trough in marble dating back to the 16th century.

Cafè Savoy

The restaurant and bar of the Café Savoy evoke the atmosphere of the First Czech Republic.

Its interior is enriched and dominated by a breathtaking ceiling, in Neo-Renaissance style dating back to 1893. This place is also a popular meeting point for the inhabitants of Prague.

The restaurant is very well-known for its sumptuous breakfasts, the typical dishes and the bakery that offers sweets and other delicacies fresh from the oven every day.

On the menu, with plentiful dishes, hot chocolates and teas, you must definitely try the Savoy Coffee, an espresso enriched with foamed milk, chocolate and cinnamon.

And you, which coffees did you taste when you went to Prague?

Or maybe you have never set foot there and we have made you curious enough to head off there without further delay?

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