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We are one of the most ancient coffee roaster in Italy and since almost one century we have been working alongside the best Baristas, Chefs and F&B Managers in almost 43 countries worldwide.
We import directly from the best green coffee suppliers, scheduling our refurbishments of raw material with long-term forecasts which guarantee us to keep a stable quality and a constant and fine taste all over the year.
Our espresso blends are roasted exclusively in our factory in Italy and we usually ship them in U.S. monthly. Thus we can offer to our customers the best Italian tradition and the highest expertise of our master roasters.
Our drip coffee blends are roasted in New York City, in order to guarantee the freshest quality of the products. We only use row materials classified by SCAA following the Specialty Grade Coffee Standards.

Moreover, we import directly from China, Japan, India and Sri Lanka more than 120 qualities of teas: from the most well known Black Teas to the healthier and finer Green Teas till the precious and rare White and Yellow Teas not to forget the characteristic Oolongs and the ancient Pu-Ehr. Beside our wide collection of Gran Cru we offer our unique receipts of Mélange Teas, typical of the European tradition, and a broad selection of Herbs and Fruit Infusions too.


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We advise our customers also on the selection of the best and right equipments for their needs. In some cases, we are able to offer the best and most convenient prices with delayed payment conditions or with leasing programs with lowered rates or in some cases and with exceptional customers we can take charge of the purchasing of the equipment, giving it with agreed conditions. We take care of the equipment installation and, since prevention it is better than cure, our staff frequently check the status of the professional machines providing a regular ordinary maintenance also on the equipment owned by our customers. Our technical service runs 7 days a week.

Espresso Bar

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At Filicori Zecchini we are proud to provide a complete management consulting so that our customers could achieve success. Over the years we have partnered with highly professional and reliable design companies. They will offer a complete design and create all the furniture for the space guarantying the highest quality standards of the Italian craftsmanship. With more than 90 exclusive Creative Coffee Recipes, we are able to offer a choice of unique way to drink coffee helping you to create great menus with one goal: increase your business volume.


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Since 2001, for more than 15 years, we have been running a school, focused on cafeteria’s training: the Laboratorio dell’Espresso. Beside its continuous development researches, every year it helps more than 1200 people in getting the right expertise in the art of cafeteria. Three years ago we opened a branch school of our Laboratorio dell’Espresso also in the U.S. thanks to which we are able to offer to our American Customers and to their staff a tailor suited training that can helps them to improve their knowledge of our products and the best skills to increase their competitiveness in the market. If we are asked, we are happy to provide also a tailor suited coaching with the delicate process of staff selection giving them our feedback on the technical skills of the potential candidates.

How We Care Our Customers

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For our customers we do our best to be the perfect partner also in their business organization. We periodically contact them on fixed days of the week to collect orders without waiting for their call, so they have nothing to worry about! We guarantee the delivery to their business facilities within two days from the order and in NYC and Chicago we consign the goods directly with our vans. Furthermore, our Barista Trainer regularly visit their facilities to help them offering the highest quality coffee experience to their customers.

Contact Us

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Our sales philosophy is that first of all our products are to be tasted! Our team will be glad to schedule a private tasting and introduce you more about our wholesale opportunities.

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