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pour over V60 BREW GUIDE

V60 comes from Melitta Bentz's intuition, a German housewife who decided to replace the classical linen filter with a paper sheet took from his son's notebook. Furthermore Melissa, created and patented in 1908 her own coffee machine by using a small potter pot with a hole and covered it with paper towels.

Step 1

Heat the water (330 ml) between 92°C – 96°C degrees.

Step 2

Put the filter holder and the filter onto the dedicated container.

Step 3

Wet the coffee filter with hot water to get rid of papery taste and to make it stick to its holder. 

Step 4

Adjust the scale.

Step 5

Pour ground coffee inside the filter.

Step 6

Do the pre - infusion while evenly wetting the coffee layer with 60ml of hot water and move in circles. This process lasts 30 seconds more or less.

Step 7

Pour the remaining water with circular motions. The percolation lasts for 2,30 minutes.

Step 8

Don't forget to mix the beverage.

Step 9

Serve the coffee.

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One fundamental feature of the V60 coffee maker is the filter's angle which, by allowing a great water percolation, offers a thinner grinding than other methods.


V60 extraction method enhances coffee's aromas and features and offers a cup of a medium density, soft and pleasant, perfect for a slow sipping. 


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