French Press

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French Press

What you Need

  • Ground coffee 1oz / 30gr
  • Water 17.6oz / 500gr
  • French press
  • Grinder
  • Kettle
  • Digital scale
  • Timer
  • Spoon

Brewing Time

  • 4 Minutes


  • 197.6° - 201.2° F / 92°- 94° C

What is a French Press ?

The French press was patented in France in 1852 by the inventors Meyer and De Farge and was imported in Italy by Attilio Caimani in 1931. This brewing method (similar to tea brewing) needs a coarser grind because it is necessary to create an infusion of coffee. The filter that divides the liquid part from the grind can’t kept the finest parts of the powder thus the final result will be a coffee slightly cloudy but very aromatic and pleasant.

Step 1

Using a kettle, boil 17.6oz of water at 197.6° - 201.2° F.
While the water is heating, put 1oz of ground coffee in the glass jug of your French press.

Step 2

Purr the boiling water in the French press with a circular motion and be sure that it completely wets all the coffee powder.

Step 3

Give the grounds a gentle stir with a spoon.

Step 4

Close the glass jar with its lid with the filter up. Allow the coffee steeping for 4 minutes.

Step 5

Plunge the filter down until it reaches the bottom of the jar. This movement separates the liquid part from the used ground powder. If it is too hard to press the filter, it means that your grind is too fine, if the filter goes down too quickly that means that the grind is too coarse.

Step 6

When you’ve finished pressing, serve the coffee immediately in a mug cup. Don’t let it sit but purr it when it is still hot.

Enjoy your Coffee!

What you Need

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