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Salvatore Gabbiano

Inspiration and Neapolitan passion, great dedication and commitment: these are the ingredients that characterize the successful path of Salvatore Gabbiano in the High Pastry world.Since 1994 he has been part of the Neapolitan Confectioners' Association. In March 2006 he reached one of the most coveted goals for a pastry chef in Italy: he is among the masters of the prestigious Italian Academy of Master Pastry Chefs. On TV he participates in La vecchia fattoria, Festa italiana, 30 ore per la vita, La vita in diretta. In 2004 he was in the team of pastry chefs that gave life to the largest chocolate crib in the world for Eurochocolate Christmas in Naples.He is really passionate about great leavened products, which led him to compete and win on numerous occasions. In 2015 in Turin he participated in "Una mole di panettoni" and won the first prize for best creative panettone. In March 2016 he participated in "La primavera è dolce", the first event about the Colomba cake, organized by Stanislao Porzio, and won first place as "Best Traditional Colomba". In 2016 he joined the group of pastry chefs of "Notte dei maestri del Lievito Madre", which has the goal to create a high quality Panettone suitable for every season, to make it available at any time of the year. In October 2019, during Host Milano, he received the "critics' award" for the Best Panettone in the World, on the occasion of the first edition of the "Panettone World Championship".

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panettone, panettone al pistacchio, panettone fresco al pistacchio, panettone artigianale al pistacchio

Pistachio | Panettone by Salvatore Gabbiano


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panettone, panettone al limone, panettone fresco al limone, panettone artigianale
panettone, panettone cioccolato, panettone artigianale al cioccolato

Chocolate | Panettone by Salvatore Gabbiano


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Panettone Fichi e Caramello, panettone, panettone fresco fichi e faramello
Panettone, panettone classico, panettone classico Milanese, panettone Fresco, panettone artigianele classico Milanese
panettone, panettone al arancia e cioccolato, panettone fresco gusto arancia e cioccolato
Panettone, panettone rhum e pan babà artigianale, panettone fresco rhum e pan babà
panettone, panettone Veneziano al  profumo di vaniglia, panettone fresco panettone Veneziano al  profumo di vaniglia, panettone classico al  profumo di vaniglia
panettone, panettone al limone e pan babà, panettone fresco al limone e pan babà
Panettone. panettone fresco cioccolato e rhum, panettone artigianale cioccolato e Rhum

Cuba | Panettone by Salvatore Gabbiano


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panettone, panettone fresco al gusto albicocche Pellecchiella, panettone al gusto albicocche Pellecchiella
panettone, panettone fresco crema e amarena, panettone artigianele crema e amarena